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The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used.  Everyone responsible for using data has to follow strict rules.

HotShots Line Dance Club will make sure your information is:
+ used fairly and lawfully
+ used for limited, specifically stated purposes
+ used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
+ accurate
+ kept for no longer than is absolutely nescessary
+ handled according to people's data protection rights
+ kept safe and secure
+ not given to any third party 

The only information that HotShots Line Dance Club will require is:
+  your name
+  your email address
+  your contact number
+  the class/classes you attend

HotShots Line Dance Club will only contact you if :
+  there is a change to the class you attend and you were unaware of this
+  there is important information you need to know about an event that you are going to attend

HotShots Line Dance Club might take photo's of club members at events.  These photo's will only be used on HotShots Line Dance Club website or face book page.

You will be asked to sign that you agree to the above.  However, you have the right to decline and not to sign, in which no information on you will be kept and no photo's of you will be published.

Once you stop being a member of HotShots Line Dance Club any information that we have will be destroyed.

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